The ‘Trump Effect’: women participation in US politics emerges

Donald Trump’s election as the president of one of the most powerful and influential countries of the world, has generated lots of bad news, but there is a certain relevant issue in which he has helped his country, even if it was not voluntarily: Trump has inspired thousands of women to get involved in the politics world.

According to a study of the University of Rutgers, the number of democratic candidates that will try to replace their congressmen in the next election will increase in a 350%. More than 79 women want to become their State Governor, twice as much as in 1994, year in which the historic maximum was reached. But not only are there more women who run for these positions, more of them get elected.

In the elections that took place two months ago in the state of Virginia, there was an increment of 60% in the number of congresswomen. In a country were only 1 out of 5 seats in parliament are held by women, Trump could have helped to minimise this gap.

The “Trump effect” can clearly be seen when you analyse it by taking into account both parties. In the elections in Virginia, there were 27 new democrat candidates and only 3 republicans. If we take a look at the next Congress elections of the US, out of the 439 candidates, 8 out of 10 are again, democrats.

Trump should be worried about this indicators of the enthusiasm women have for kicking him out of the White House. In average, women go more to vote, and usually vote for the democratic party: there has been almost 30 years since the republican candidate has not won the women’s vote in a presidential election. And Trump has not made things better. After a video in which we could hear the president say “When you’re a star, […] you can do anything. “Grab them by the pussy” was leaked, the democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton won an advantage of 13 points. Now there are more that do not believe that voting is enough, they want to be part of the end of the “Trump era”.


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